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Dear Dr. Heffernan,
I am beyond ecstatic about my eyelid surgery results! I've been receiving compliments like "You look fabulous!", "You look amazing!", "You are looking younger these days!" I feel younger and my self image is flying high!

Thank You,

I am 44 years old and look about 10 years younger. (Well, at least my face does, hand laser treatmentbut then I look at my hands! Oh my how did that happen?)

I work out, eat well, maybe drink a few too many glasses of red wine but what about my hands? I look down and see the dreaded pigmentation (I think they are called age spots) starting to appear on my aging hands. This can't be! And how am I going to fix it?

About 2 weeks ago, I went to my cosmetic surgeon's office and discussed this issue and find a way to fix it.. He spoke with me about removing the pigmentation starting on my hands. I told him whatever it he could please sign me up.

That day I had a Fraxel Restore Dual treatment done on my hands. The procedure did not require any topical anesthesia and took about 15 minutes without much discomfort. My hands were a little swollen and red for a few days and then after about 2 days I could see that the pigmentation was coming up to the surface of my skin.

I was elated because I knew that all of that pigmentation would flake off and be gone. My hands looked like they had been sprinkled with coffee grounds for about 10 days but now look so much better. One more treatment and then my hands will look more like 30-something instead of 40-something.


I had my eyelids fixed on Oct. 6th, 2010 and it was no sweat! I didn't have any pain really and recovered pretty quickly. I think I took one Tylenol. I only had one small bruise (approx. 1x1/2) that lasted for about 3 weeks, but it was easily covered with a dab of concealer. It felt really great to get the stitches out. Everyday I'm very thankful that the weight of droopy lids is gone. It's been 4 weeks now and I feel bright eyed and bushy tailed. Dr. Heffernan did a great job and I don't look "tucked". All of my girlfriends tell me it looks great and totally normal. I think they're right.

Very grateful,