At the office of Dr. Tim Heffernan, facial plastic surgery is a major part of our focus, so we offer facial surgeries that bring out the best aesthetic results for our patients. If you are dissatisfied with the signs of aging in your face - or perhaps, you feel younger than you look - there are ways to restore or enhance your features. From the top of your face, to the bottom, Dr. Heffernan can employ the proper surgical techniques to restore your facial beauty.

If your forehead or brow has descended over time, Dr. Heffernan can perform an endoscopic brow lift to gently raise those tissues. 

If the problems you exhibit are located in your cheeks or the tissues in the middle of your face, a mid face lift may be the most appropriate intervention to bring your face back into balance.

At a certain age, sagging, fatty tissues may begin to reside around your chin and neck, distorting your jaw line. For many patients, liposculpture can dramatically improve this area and restore the appearance of a youthful neck and jaw area.

If you exhibit mild to moderate facial wrinkles and folds, injections of Botox and/or dermal fillers may be the best, and the least invasive solution for you.