Brow Lift Seattle

Brow Lift Surgery in Seattle, also serving Edmonds, Everett, Arlington and the surrounding areas.

A brow-lift can dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging in the forehead area by lifting and repositioning the tissue that has fallen over time. The brow can be lifted slightly, and lines or furrows between the eyebrows and across the bridge of the nose are softened to restore a more pleasing facial expression. 

Brow Lift Seattle

The brow lift is most appropriate for patients who suffer from visible skin conditions of the forehead. Those who exhibit creases, ridges, frown lines between the eyebrows, and a lowered brow position should consider this procedure.

Rather than the large incisions commonly seen in traditional brow lift surgery, the endoscopic technique of Dr. Heffernan requires only minor incisions in an arched pattern beneath the hairline. Once incisions are made, an endoscope is inserted to view the underlying tissues. The tissue between the forehead and eyebrows is gently lifted and smoothed out, eliminating wrinkles and raising the brow line just slightly.

Because the endoscopic brow lift in Seattle only requires minimal cutting, recovery time is less than a traditional brow lift in Seattle or face lift. Short haired persons might want to consider growing their hair out to hide the incisions as they heal. Recovery time will vary with each patient, but most experience at least 2 weeks downtime. 

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